How to plot a symbolic function?

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Max on 22 Jan 2016
Commented: Walter Roberson on 22 Jan 2016
Hey guys,
I would like to plot the following integral of a symbolic function:
beta_hat = 4.2915822
B_hat = 1861.6186657
C_hat = 58.9848692
syms t
y(t) = (exp(-B_hat/((heaviside(t)-heaviside(t-2000))*(330)+(heaviside(t-2000)-heaviside(t-3000))*(350)+...
I_new = int(y,t,[0,t])
f_new = (beta_hat*y(t).*(I_new(t)).^(beta_hat-1)).*exp(-((I_new(t)).^beta_hat))
But it doesn´t work. Does anybody have an idea, why?

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