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mbuild -setup failed while mex -setup succeeded

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Joanne am 20 Jan. 2016
Beantwortet: Harsheel am 21 Jan. 2016
I use mac 10.11, matlab_2014b, and xCode 7.2. At first I could not run mex -setup but after I change the mac version in, it succeeded. And then I also changed the mac version in, but this time, when I ran mbuild -setup, it just failed. It says
Error using mbuild (line 164)
Unable to complete successfully.
No supported compiler or SDK was found. For options, visit
Any help would be super appreciated!!!

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Harsheel am 21 Jan. 2016
Since R2014a, a new MBUILD and new MEX were shipped. It seems like you are using the old MEX (which uses file) instead of the new MEX (which uses the matlabroot\bin\maci64\mexopts\clang ... xml files..2 of them).
Either you can:
  1. Modify the 2 clang XML files in there and then both new MBUILD and new MEX will work correctly
  2. Modify the file (which you have already done), set environment variable MBUILD_VERSION1 and then old MBUILD will work correctly.
You need to set this variable every time MATLAB starts, so I'd keep that line of code in startup.m file.


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