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Using markers for data, lines for simulations

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I want to plot curves associated with many simulations, hold the figure, then plot the data, but all with markers instead of lines. I can set them all by hand, and then generate the code, but this makes me set each line by hand in my m-file. See my bit of code that is unfinished...
sim = c2pyr(x,time,flip);
hold on
set(H2,'LineStyle','none',' (I want to make everything markers)
hold off

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sunil anandatheertha
sunil anandatheertha on 19 Jan 2012
hmm, please see if this is of some help to you (though this one does not use function handles!!):
>> a=1:10;b=a.^2;c=a.^3; plot(a,b,'k','LineStyle','--','LineWidth',3),hold on,plot(a,c,'ks','MarkerFaceColor',[1 0 0],'MarkerEdgeColor',[0 1 1]),hold off
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Matthew on 19 Jan 2012
Thank you.
Of course your suggestion will work. But I have many sets of data. Putting the individual changes in makes a lot of lines of code, and is very tiresome. It just seems there should be a 'LineStyle','Marker' sort of option for the entire plot. I can't believe Matlab wouldn't have this really.

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Venn Ravichandran
Venn Ravichandran on 19 Jan 2012
You have several sets of "sim" and "data" variable and you want to plot lines for sim and markers for data, right? There are at least 2 solutions, I think you are looking for the second one...
First solution...
for i = 1:numSimulations
[time, sim, data] = ... % simulate and get the data
plot(time, sim, 'linestyle', '--', 'linewidth',2,...
time, data, 'linestyle', 'none', 'marker', '.');
hold all; % using all to allow cycling through colors
Second solution... You can get all the lines that have been plotted on the current axis and then set the linestyles and markers for all of them.
h = findobj(gca,'Type','line'); % get all lines
set(h, 'Linestyle', '--', 'Linewidth', 2); % set their line styles
% Hint: if you want the "sim" plots to have lines and "data" plots to have markers, you could look at the odd/even indices to h



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