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Combining to two Cells

Asked by Stephan Richtering on 13 Jan 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Star Strider
on 13 Jan 2016
I 've scouring the web to find a solution but not much success
p = [{2323}]; k = {'hello'};
where I want pk = {'2323hello'}
Pretty much what the concatenate function in excel would do.
Thanks, Stephan


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Answer by Brendan Hamm on 13 Jan 2016
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One of the issues you will face here is that what is stored in the cell array p is numeric data and concatenation of numeric data with character arrays will convert the numeric value to its ASCII representation.
>> A = [2323,'hello']
A =
This is not what you are looking for. So, you need to convert the number to a character array using num2str:
>> A = [num2str(2323),'hello']
A =
Now if this data is stored in cells we can simply concatenate the contents (which are the char arrays):
p = {2323}; % Brackets around {} are not necessary.
k = {'hello'};
A = {[num2str(p{:}),k{:}]}; % Convert num to a string, concatenate, place back in cell
If we were then to presume that these variables had a larger (but equal) size:
p = {2323;3434}
k = {'hello';'goodbye'}
for n = 1:length(p)
A(n) = {[num2str(p{n,1}),k{n,1}]};

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Thanks Brendan. Your last solution is what I was working towards.
It also seems to work if p is a mixture of strings and numbers which is what I was looking for.

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Star Strider
Answer by Star Strider
on 13 Jan 2016

Using sprintf is one option:
p = {2323}; k = {'hello'};
pk = {sprintf('%d%s', p{:}, char(k))}
pk =


Thanks for you answer Star, you're solution works.
Star Strider
on 13 Jan 2016
My pleasure.

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Answer by Vaibhav Awale on 13 Jan 2016

This can be done using the following command:
>> pk = {[num2str(p{:}), k{:}]}
Refer to following documentation for more information about how cell array indexing works:
Hope this helps.


Hi Vaibhav,
Thanks for the answer. Seems to work for that example but what if I didn't know if p was a number or string would this still work?
Thanks, Stephan
Vaibhav Awale on 13 Jan 2016
Hi Stephan,
Interestingly "num2str" function returns the string if you give string as an input. So, this approach would work even when "p" is a string!

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