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.m file (included into .exe) to string

Asked by Yuval Weissler on 7 Jan 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Harsheel
on 10 Jan 2016
Suppose I have a main function, which I will compile using mcc, and suppose I have a helper function, which I will include into the compilation, using the '-a' argument.
I want to extract the helper function's code as a string, from the main function exe. The helper function must be included in - no extracting from a separate .m file.
Pre-compilation, I was able to extract the code using importdata(), or fileread(), but after compilation it doesn't work properly.
I tried a few other methods, but nothing worked for me. Any suggestions? Thanks!


jgg, thanks for the idea, I went with it, and it worked out.
Harsheel, it's a bit complicated, but I had a good reason for doing this =]
I'm going to post this as a solution, so you can accept it and people can see how you solved the problem.
sounds good Yuval :)

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1 Answer

Answer by jgg
on 10 Jan 2016

This ended up being the solution, although it was posted as a comment: I'm not an expert on mcc, but I don't think that's possible. You can certainly read in the uncompiled .m file, but post-compilation, that shouldn't be possible.
You could try a work-around:
  • Save the file as a .txt file instead of a .m file
  • -a in the .txt file
  • Read in the data from the text file instead
You'll have an extra document floating around but it will be compiled into your compiled code so probably not an issue?


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