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Hist3, height bar depends on a third variable

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Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez on 11 Dec 2015
Edited: Luis Lopez on 11 Dec 2015
bars height on hist3 depends on frequency of first and second variable. How can I height of those bars be related to another variable. Maybe hist3 is not the right function to achieve that.

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arich82 on 11 Dec 2015
What about bar or bar3? For bar3, the height of the bar is whatever you specify, e.g.
x = 1:5;
y = 1:10;
[X, Y] = meshgrid(x, y);
Z = sqrt(X.^2 + Y.^2);
bar3(y, Z);
axis tight;
Does this do what you want? If not, please explain in the comments.
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Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez on 11 Dec 2015
I have 3 vectors, same lenght (1000 x 1), I want to plot first and second variable as X and Y in the graph, group first and second variable in range to get only 5 x 4 or something else ranges.Z is the third variable and gets the height of every bar that is in the range. Hope I explain a little bit more.

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