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geotiff plot on lat-lon axes

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Adrienne Marshall
Adrienne Marshall on 8 Dec 2015
Commented: Behzad Navidi on 13 Apr 2020
Hi all,
I'm trying to plot data from a geotiff file onto lat-lon axes. Seems like it should be easy, but I keep getting error messages and can't understand why. Any advice much appreciated! My code:
% read the data
[june_swe,R] = geotiffread('snwe_flx_ccsm3a2bcsd_20100531.tif');
% plot the data
mapshow(june_swe, R)
Error message:
Error using mapshow Expected input number 1, I or X or RGB, to be one of these types:
uint8, uint16, double, logical
Instead its type was single.
Error in validateMapRasterData>parseImageInputs (line 108) validateattributes(A, {'uint8', 'uint16', 'double', 'logical'}, ...
Error in validateMapRasterData>validateImageComponent (line 92) [A, R] = parseImageInputs(mapfcnname, dataArgs{:}, cmap, rules );
Error in validateMapRasterData (line 26) [Z, SpatialRef] = validateImageComponent(mapfcnname, ...
Error in maprastershow (line 126) [Z, SpatialRef, displayType, HGpairs] = ...
Error in mapshow (line 228) h = showFcn(varargin{:});

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Behzad Navidi
Behzad Navidi on 13 Apr 2020
Do you found the solution? I have a same issue!

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