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Finding another point on the curve

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Lets say I have the following code which plots the curve out.
[y,t] = step(Pz);
I have found a point on the curve and would like to find another point which is very close to the first point.
The first point is (0.2011,0.0197).
The second point should be (0.2016,y).
How do I find the value of y for the second point?


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Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 11 Jan 2012
try this is code:
yout = interp1(t,y,.2016)
yin - your value of y
tout = fzero(@(t1)yin - interp1(t,y,t1),0)


Wern-Juin Choy
Wern-Juin Choy on 11 Jan 2012
How about if I want to find the value of t given the value of y?

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