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Normalise multivariate probability density

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Jerone am 26 Nov. 2015
Beantwortet: Dave Behera am 2 Dez. 2015
Hi, I have some multivariate data of dimension 4. I have used mvnpdf to compute their densities.
However, I would like to normalise the densities by using a partition function. I wish to calculate:
where pi_l is some constant and N(v;mean;covariance) is the mvnpdf and v is a data point.
How would i go about this?

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Dave Behera
Dave Behera am 2 Dez. 2015
To compute the integral above, you can use the Multivariate normal cumulative distribution function 'mvncdf' described here:
Also, you may need to multiply the constant pi_l (present within the integral above) to the output of 'mvncdf' function to get the correct result.


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