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automatic resize of one graph using subplot function

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Jonas am 4 Mär. 2011
I have a m-file which is producing one plot graph and one polar graph.
In this file I attribute the plot graph to subplot(1,2,1) and the polar graph to subplot(1,2,2).
The problem is that while I do this my polar graph undergo an unexpected resize of the radius axis (in polar coordinates), increasing of about 30%, thus providing me with a non optimal graph.
I tried to use the axis command with the various arguments (image, ...), but it doesn't help.
anyone can help?

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva am 4 Mär. 2011
xlim(s1,[0 100]) %define your own x limits for subplot 1
ylim(s1,[-10 10]) %define your own y limits for subplot 1
%or you can use
axis(s1,[0 100 -1 1]) %same thing as xlim and ylim
get(s1) %this will show you some properties of suplot 1 that you can change
%for example change the tag

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Brett Shoelson
Brett Shoelson am 4 Mär. 2011
Or you can just set the x- and (or) y-limits to be manual after you create your individual plots. (The default is 'automatic'.):
Cheers, Brett

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