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Brian on 28 Dec 2011
I have two different PC's - an older one with Windows XP SP3, IE8, Matlab R2011a (32bit) and a newer computer - Win7 SP1, IE8, Matlab 2011a (64bit). For some reason on the newer PC I am no longer able to drag and drop code from IE8 straight into the Matlab window. I do this all the time as I look things up and subsequently test them.
Anyone know why this is? Is it something to do with my setup, or a difference in secrity on the machines.
Thanks, Brian

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Dec 2011
Do you have MATLAB set up to Run As Administrator on your Windows 7 machine? If you do then your IE8 process is not running as the same user as MATLAB is, and that might lead to trouble with drag and drop (I guess)
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Brian on 28 Dec 2011
Both are setup and running under my Windows username. Could it possibly be because it's a 32 bit version of IE8 and a 64bit version of Matlab?

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