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I have written a code to create an animation: satellite movement around the Earth. When I run it, it works fine. However, when it is modified to be part of a code much more complex present in a Matlab GUI, the results produced changes (mainly because of the bigger number of points to plot). I also have noticed that if I use the OpenGL renderer the movement of the satellite is quicker than when the other renderers (Painters and Zbuffer) are used. I do not know if there are further possibilities to achieve an improvement in the rendering of the satellite movement. I think the key is, perhaps, changing the code that creates the actual position of the satellite ( handles.psat ) and its trajectory along the time ( handles.tray )
handles.tray = zeros(1,Fin);
handles.psat = line('parent',ah4,'XData',Y(1,1), 'YData',Y(1,2),...
'ZData',Y(1,3),'Marker','o', 'MarkerSize',10,'MarkerFaceColor','b');
while (k<Fin)
az = az + 0.01745329252;
handles.tray(k) = line([Y(k-1,1) Y(k,1)],[Y(k-1,2) Y(k,2)],...
[Y(k-1,3) Y(k,3)],...
k = k + 1;
if (state == 1)
state = 0;

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Dec 2011
It might be faster to code the transform yourself as a matrix multiplication rather than calling makehgtform. The array is fairly simple:
( cos q sin q 0 0)
Rz (q) = (-sin q cos q 0 0)
( 0 0 1 0)
( 0 0 0 1)
Only two trig calls needed.
Julián Francisco
Julián Francisco on 26 Dec 2011
@Walter Roberson: Thank you back. Excuse me for my lazy ignorance. I have just found the rotate function also can be used to rotate the sphere.

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