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How can I make special type of contour plot ?

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Md. Golam Mostafa
Md. Golam Mostafa on 28 Sep 2015
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I have an Excel worksheet with data organized in three columns of same length.
I can make a contour plot using SigmaPlot putting first column in x-axis, second column in y-axis and third column as intensity in grayscale.
Can I make the similar plot using MATLAB? How can I make it?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Sep 2015
Yes, When you read in the data column, convert it from string to serial date number if necessary (if it shows up as numeric in MATLAB then you need to add datenum('1900-1-1')-1 to it to do the date conversion.)
Once you have a numeric value for the three columns, you can use griddata() to build an array of rectangular data that you can then contour() -- or more likely, that you can imagesc()
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Mohammed Al-Mosawi
Mohammed Al-Mosawi on 11 Jun 2016
I have the same problem, can you please elaborate. If a = number of columns and b = number of rows, c = intensity. How can I create an image of dimensions a by b and of each pixel to have intensity c

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