how to make comments *not* wrap?

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Jacob Grayson
Jacob Grayson am 25 Sep. 2015
Kommentiert: Steven Lord am 12 Mai 2023
how to make comments not wrap?
or alternatively, how can i move this annoying vertical gray line that insists on wrapping my comments to the next row? My code can have >80 characters/per line, must i always have this line through the middle of my code?

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Francesco Marini
Francesco Marini am 30 Nov. 2017
Go to Preferences -> Editor -> Language
Under 'Comment formatting', uncheck 'Wrap comments automatically while typing'
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Kurt am 11 Mai 2023
The vertical line is still there at column 75.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 12 Mai 2023
Under Editor/Debugger preferences, in the Display section, unselect "Right-hand text limit".
See this documentation page for more information about the various Editor/Debugger preferences.

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Johannes Kalliauer
Johannes Kalliauer am 15 Jun. 2021
The answer (from 2015) of @Jon now with screenshot:
Preferences -> MATLAB -> Editor/Debugger -> Language -> Comment formating
Uncheck "Wrap comments automatically while typing".

Jon am 25 Sep. 2015
Did you even look through the Editor options in Preferences? There is a button you can uncheck to turn it off.
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Jacob Grayson
Jacob Grayson am 25 Sep. 2015
actually i looked through all 20+ tabs of preferences but missed it. thanks!
Stephen Nelson
Stephen Nelson am 27 Aug. 2020
Bearbeitet: Walter Roberson am 14 Jan. 2021
See below for actual instructions

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