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How to make autorun and auto exit

Asked by joo tan on 20 Dec 2011
Dear all,
I have 2 file.m ..Let say A.m and B.m..first i need to run the A.m file and at the middle running, i need load and run the B.m file.After B.m file finish, i want to autoexit the B.m file and continue with processing in A.m file untill end.. .so, how i can do like that? What the command??


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2 Answers

Answer by Andreas Goser on 20 Dec 2011

Just call the B file at the line of file A where you need it. If the file name is my_script.m, the command is
If you have a function, make sure you learn how to use parameters, see documentation.

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i would advise you use functions - it will help in the long run and make bug fixing easier.

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Answer by joo tan on 20 Dec 2011

Dear Andreas Goser,
ok..i will try your, it will automatic run the B file? so, the last B.file , i need put command exit?

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You do not even need EXIT.

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