Please tell me is this correct.. To add precoding block in between interleaver and modulator in OFDM? Serial to parallel transmission in OFDM?

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This is the code. I have tried to do linear precoding...
msg = round(rand(1,nBitPerSym*nSym));
% trellis
trel = poly2trellis(3,[7 5]);
% % % convolution encoder
code = convenc(message,trel);
% state
st2 = 4831;
inter1 = randintrlv(code,st2);
N=nSym ;
x = zeros(2,N);
x1 = reshape(inter1,2,length(inter1)/2);
x2 =[conj(double(x1(2,:))); conj(double(x1(1,:)))];
[rowSize, colSize] = size(x);
% Converting two rows into one concatenated row.
p_Data = reshape(x,rowSize*colSize,1);
p_Data = sqrt(2) * p_Data;
Then this y1 is QAM modulated and further OFDM is done...
Please tell me whether this is correct
Also serial to parallel conversion in ofdm is
for ii = 1:length(EbN0dB)
% Transmitter
h1 = modem.qammod(16);
qm1 = modulate(h1, inter);
%ipBit1 = inter1(1:length(msg)) ;
%ipMod1 = 2*ipBit1-1;
h2 = modem.qammod(16);
qm = modulate(h2, inter1);
% % combine
ipMod = reshape(ipMod1,nBitPerSym,2*nSym).'; % group into multiple streams
does this reshaping is the actual serial to parallel transmission block in OFDM?

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