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MATLAB 2015a hangs on anything involving graphic generation

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I have narrowed down my problem to what must be a graphics problem:
I can use the MATLAB engine to evaluate simple expressions, create matrices, and even open a figure window, but when I try to plot a function, MATLAB displays 'Busy' in the lower left corner, and it is not possible for me to break the process via Ctrl+C, though MATLAB itself is still mostly responsive (I can't close MATLAB, but all the buttons in the menus still work, I can change layout etc..) I tried to insert a basic shape in the figure window, and it also hung. Anything to do with plotting or drawing hangs in a process indefinitely.
I am running Ubuntu 12.04LTS, perhaps there are some dependency issues with packages?

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Elijah Rockers
Elijah Rockers on 25 Sep 2015
I had the inverse problem, the ATI/AMD proprietary driver was causing issues. I reverted back to the open source drivers and this fixed MATLAB, but I lost my dual monitors.
In the end I reinstalled the proprietary drivers to get my dual monitors back, and I start MATLAB with
$ matlab -softwareopengl as you suggested, and all my image processing capabilities seem to be working now.

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