Setting Android Sensors Sample rate

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Tur Zo
Tur Zo on 1 Sep 2015
Commented: Loay Shabaneh on 17 Mar 2018
Hi Guys,
I've been working with the Hardware Package for Android Sensors. I'm using the APP on my LG G2, while acquiring accelerometer & Orientation data with it.
With that said, I can't tell what's my sample rate and how can I control it.
A matter of fact, I'm trying to capture fast motion and I need the highest sample rate I could get.
Any advice will be very welcome,
Thanks in Advance, James.

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Subin Kuttappan Stellal Mary
I believe you are using the 'MATLAB Support Package for Android Sensors'.
There is a property called SampleRate for the mobiledev object, which represents the sample rate of the acquisition from your device, in Hz. You can change this value, and the range supported is from 0 to 100 Hz.
For more information, refer the following documentation link :
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Loay Shabaneh
Loay Shabaneh on 17 Mar 2018
When I choose 100 it record a sample every .009 seconds which is not correct regarding 100 sample / second. also I was not able to fix the sampling rate for position sensor (GPS)

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