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How to fix a randomly generated sample in Matlab after making some changes to the code?

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I need to have the same sample (same data points) that was generated from a large set of data in order to make some comparisons as I vary some conditions or parameters. However, the sample changes after each Matlab run. My current sampling is based on the use of "randperm" or sampling without replacement.
Any help would e greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Stephen23 am 7 Aug. 2015
Bearbeitet: Stephen23 am 7 Aug. 2015
You can use rng to control the random number generation, for example (from that link):
s = rng;
x = rand(1,5)
x =
0.8147 0.9058 0.1270 0.9134 0.6324
y = rand(1,5)
y =
0.8147 0.9058 0.1270 0.9134 0.6324
You can also use the seed option to reset the random numbers to a known starting point:
More information on this topic:

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