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Mean of squares of first nn positive integers.

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Amitdyuti am 24 Jul. 2015
Kommentiert: Ali Tajik am 23 Jan. 2017
Write a function called mean_squares that returns mm, which is the mean of the squares of the first nn positive integers, where nn is a positive integer and is the only input argument. For example, if nn is 5, your function needs to compute the average of the numbers 1, 4, 9, 16, and 25. You may use any built-in functions including, for example, sum.
function mm = mean_squares (nn)
sqr = (1:nn).^2; %ERROR
total = sum(sqr);
mm = total/nn;
I wrote the above code. In line 2, I got the following error: "For colon operator with char operands, first and last operands must be char."
However,the code if executed in the command window, runs fine.
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Duddela Sai Prashanth
Duddela Sai Prashanth am 23 Dez. 2016
function O = odd_rms(n)
n = n*2-1;
O = [1:2:n];
O = O.^2;
O = sum(O)/n;
O = sqrt(O);
Ali Tajik
Ali Tajik am 23 Jan. 2017
it did not work for 2 when you check it by grader

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Matt J
Matt J am 24 Jul. 2015
Looks fine to me, but you should also be aware that there is a closed form formula
mm = (nn+1)*(2*nn+1)/6

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Harsheel am 24 Jul. 2015
the code looks correct, seems like you're passing a character rather than an integer.
>> mean_squares('5') % incorrect
>> mean_squares(5) %correct

Amitdyuti am 24 Jul. 2015
Thank You for the answers. But after posting the question,when I re-executed the function, voila! It ran successfully.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


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