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How to create an adjacency matrix from an image??

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Abhishek Bose
Abhishek Bose am 15 Jul. 2015
I have an image of an arena with intersecting rgb colored lines. The point of intersection is white in colour.the rgb strips have weights (cost).I want to to find the shortest path from one corner of the arena to another using an algorith like djiktra's. how do i create the adjacency matrix using image proc, with the white intersection juctions as node?
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Niklas D
Niklas D am 30 Jun. 2016
Hey, I've got a similar problem, generating the adjacency matrix from an image. I try to detect intersections or rather forks of an electric circuit (like the following picture)
Did you found out, how to get the adjacency matrix from an image?
Thanks in advance!

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Muhammad Usman Saleem
Muhammad Usman Saleem am 30 Jun. 2016
Have you try these links

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