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How do I hold the current plot but not the axis properties?

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Erik  Langholz
Erik Langholz am 9 Jul. 2015
Kommentiert: Erik Langholz am 13 Jul. 2015
I'm creating a GUI that can plot multiple functions on the same plot, depending on which data-set I choose. If I use hold on, the axis on the plot doesn't change and the next data-set might not be completely displayed. I want to keep the current data on the plot but have another data-set plotted and have the axis scale so that both sets can be seen.

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Matthew am 9 Jul. 2015
Check to make sure that your axes XLimMode and YLimMode is set to auto.
hold on;
seems to work fine, so your issue may not really be with the hold command.
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Erik  Langholz
Erik Langholz am 13 Jul. 2015
Yup, that works. I'm having trouble with using a polar plot.
hold on;
This runs into the same problem I'm having. If I use axis auto, the polar(1:10:100) fits in the plot but the axis doesn't scale properly.

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