Linear Programming using Simulink

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Felipe Michelin
Felipe Michelin on 6 Jul 2015
Answered: Yu Jiang on 6 Jul 2015
Hi everyone!
I have a simple question:
It is possible to solve linear programming using Simulink?
I know that there is a function to solve L.P in Matlab, but can I use this function in Simulink?
Thank you for your attention!

Answers (1)

Yu Jiang
Yu Jiang on 6 Jul 2015
There is no such a block to do direct LP. However, you can put your MATLAB script in an embedded function block or a MATLAB function block and use that to interface with Simulink. For the later one, notice that you need to use "coder.extrinsic" because "linprog" is not supported for code-generation.


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