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Brian on 30 Nov 2011
We use a few access databases for storage of some of our in house data. When we have a 64 bit version of Matlab on the same machine as a 32 bit version of Microsoft Access it seems like all of our attempts to pull from the Access databases fail. I know there is an issue with 64->32 bit compatibility but is there any way around this without having to upgrade our version of Access? It's difficult to upgrade our Office package as we have many Excel add-in's from external vendors that are currently only written in the 32bit form.
Thanks for any help you can offer, Brian
Keith Phillips
Keith Phillips on 10 Sep 2013
Any updates on this problem did you find a work around? My company will not allow me to use 64 bit Office but I have to use 64bit Matlab.

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Brian on 20 Dec 2011
After speaking with support multiple times it appears that this is currently not possible. The accessing of a 32 bit Office application data via 64 bit Matlab would require Microsoft to create an ODBC driver to do so. Currently there is nothing like this available.
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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 20 Dec 2011
Yes, unfortunately in-process communication requires that both software packages to be 64-bit.

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