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How to embed MCR in Matlab Compiler using "mcc"?

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Ben am 30 Jun. 2015
Bearbeitet: Will Grant am 5 Jan. 2016
I know that using the deploy tool you can select "Add MCR" then "Embed the MCR in the package". However, is there a way to do this using the command "mcc" instead of deploy tool.
Where I work QA likes us to create a sort of "make" file that has the mcc command string. So we can attach it in our configuration management software. So using mcc is preferred over deploy tool.
Thanks for any help!

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Harsheel am 1 Jul. 2015
Unfortunately, currently there is no way to embed the MCR with the mcc command. The mcc command was designed to be a low-level command like gcc and deploytool was designed to be a high-level command that provided additional capabilities.
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Ben am 1 Jul. 2015
That is what I thought ... but hoped I was just missing it somewhere in the documentation. Not that big of a deal really it just would have been 1 less S/W configuration step.

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Will Grant
Will Grant am 5 Jan. 2016
Bearbeitet: Will Grant am 5 Jan. 2016
I use Bamboo as a build server and currently build our matlab c++ library target using deploytool. Configuration is done in the deploytool gui as normal, then I just call a very simple matlab function containing this code as the build step on Bamboo:
!deploytool -build "path/to/your/deploytool/project/file.prj"
You would probably want to use the -package argument instead of -build. Package will make the installer which should bundle the mcr if you have selected to do so in the deploytool gui. Also, using the ! forces deploytool to be blocking, so execution waits for the library to be built. Useful for our purposes and build system logic.
I know you mentioned your group likes to use mcc, but since the deploytool .prj file is just an xml file describing all the options and files to include it would be simple enough to use this as your point of configuration management. I check the .prj file into our git repo as it's the contents of that file that really decide how the build system runs.
This seems perfectly consistent with using external text-based / repo / whatever build config management your group may want to use.


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