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cftool crashes Matlab

Asked by teresa
on 23 Nov 2011


I have some problems using cftool in matlab. It was working before I updated to Ubuntu 11.10.

Matlab runs well, but when I call cftool, the window opens, but it's blocked, I can "move the window" but clicking anywhere has no effect. And the main matlab windows also gets blocked.

It works If I run "cftool -v1", but I would like to use some features of the new cftool version! :)

I have completly removed and reinstalled Matlab from my computer, and the problem hasn't disappeared. What else can I try??

thank you


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3 Answers

Answer by Jon Cherrie on 23 Nov 2011

There are many potential sources of the problem here. Please contact MathWorks Technical Support so they can investigate the problem.

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Here's how to contact tech support, by the way:

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Answer by Mathias
on 3 Jan 2012

Hello! I just wanted to state that I got the same problem. Fortunately there is the possibility to use the old version - thanks for advice!

I am using Ubuntu 11.10 64bit (3.0.0-14-generic #23-Ubuntu SMP) and Matlab R2011b ( 64bit)

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The user above actually did contact Technical Support.

Can you to try starting MATLAB like this:

% matlab -softwareopengl

After starting MATLAB like that, does 'cftool' still cause MATLAB to hang?

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Answer by Jack Kelly on 18 Apr 2012

Hi, I too experienced the problem reported in the original post above. I'm on Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit too. I have tried Matlab R2011b and R2012a and cftool hangs in both version.

Starting matlab with the -softwareopengl option fixes the problem for me; many thanks!


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