Mux to Bus error message

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Matthew am 20 Mai 2015
Kommentiert: Mujtaba Syed am 13 Okt. 2021
I'm getting a strange error when trying to run one of our models in simulink: I'm being told 'The block diagram 'Filename' uses bus signals. However, the 'Mux blocks used to create bus signals' diagnostic is not configured to 'error'. To prevent modeling errors:'
Why am I getting an error message for something I've deliberately turned off? Due to the way the model interfaces with our software it has to have a mux creating a bus otherwise it won't work so I can't replace the muxes with buses.
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Kevin Quigley
Kevin Quigley am 16 Mai 2017
You accepted the answer, but it's unclear if using the suggested setting solved your problem or it prevented you from using your model as implied in your question.
What was the outcome of setting this to 'error'? Did you have to rework the model?

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Vinod Sudheesh
Vinod Sudheesh am 27 Mai 2015
Hi Matthew,
To avoid this error please navigate to
Model Configuration Parameters (Ctrl+E) >> Diagnostics >> Connectivity >> Mux blocks used to create bus signals:
and set the value to "error".
Please note that this diagnostic needs to be set to "error" whenever there is a bus signal in the Simulink model so as to ensure that there will not be any problems with block connections while compiling the model.
Hope this helps!
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Mujtaba Syed
Mujtaba Syed am 13 Okt. 2021
thanks man

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Gagandip Singh Khanduja
Gagandip Singh Khanduja am 19 Jul. 2018
Thank you for useful information


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