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what is meant by this error" Dispatch Exception"?

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Amr Hashem
Amr Hashem am 18 Mai 2015
Kommentiert: Walter Roberson am 19 Mai 2015
Invoke Error, Dispatch Exception
when i running a code to open a excel sheet it gives me this error
Invoke Error, Dispatch Exception: خارج النطاق الحالي.
Error in xlsreadCOM (line 64)
rawData = DataRange.Value;
Error in xlsread (line 230)
[numericData, textData, rawData, customOutput] = xlsreadCOM(file, sheet, range,
Excel, customFun);
Error in data2222 (line 4)
[ndata1 text1 alldata1] = xlsread('extract2006.xlsx','foidev2006');
what does this mean & how i can solve?

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell am 19 Mai 2015
That error is coming from Excel. Try basic mode:
Does this fare any better?

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