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How to create list of checkboxes and plot checked boxes

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Florian Bastiaens
Florian Bastiaens am 12 Mai 2015
Hi, I use a script to import data (multiple measurements) in a struct with several fields. I plot two of these fields(specific: viscosity and temperature) and use an other field for the name in the legend. I am saving new measurements to the already excisting data in the struct. Now I would like to make checkboxes so that only the selected measurements are plotted in a figure.
So a checkbox should include the specific measurement to a new struct which I use to plot the figure.
I cant use a for loop because this is possible in combination with a function. And I cant use the data in my workspace in a function. I tried working with GUIDE and:
checkbox = uicontrol('style','checkbox','units','pixels',...
but it didnt work. Does someone know how to do this?

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Vinod Sudheesh
Vinod Sudheesh am 27 Mai 2015
Hi Florian,
I have a few suggestions for you regarding this question
1) You could have the "plot" and "delete" operations of the data corresponding to a "checkbox" performed in the "Callback" function of the "Checkbox" object. You could query the the "Value" property of the "checkbox" to see if it is in "checked mode" or "unchecked mode".
2) If the "Variable" of interest say "x" is available in the "base workspace", you could bring it inside a function by using the command below
Hope this helps !
Thanks Vinod
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Florian Bastiaens
Florian Bastiaens am 27 Mai 2015
He Vinod,
Thank you for the response. I fixed both problems. The second one using your evalin. Thanks!

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