Additional text on contour lines

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mkmat am 11 Mai 2015
Kommentiert: Preeti Sar am 15 Jan. 2018
I have a contour and want to add some specific text on one of the contour lines.
For example:
Z = magic(4);
[C,h] = contour(interp2(Z,4));
h = clabel(C,h);
set(h,'BackgroundColor',[1 1 .6],'Edgecolor',[.7 .7 .7])
How can I add a text on the line with label 8 in the plot - for example, 'Margin'.

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Thomas Koelen
Thomas Koelen am 11 Mai 2015
Try using the CLABEL function to get the text object handles and then set the text object "String" property to the text you want. Something like this:
[C,h] = contour(peaks(20),3);
th = clabel(C,h);
set(findobj(th,'String','0.59778'),'String','Base Line')
where '0.59778' is the numeric label of the line whose label you want to change and 'Base Line' is the label you want that line to use.
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Preeti Sar
Preeti Sar am 15 Jan. 2018
Hello, I think the string property has been removed from MATLAB R2017b. How do I add string labels to my contours now? Thanks!

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mkmat am 11 Mai 2015


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