How to add two images in one, next to each other

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Lina Bielinyte
Lina Bielinyte am 11 Mai 2015
Beantwortet: Stefan Grandl am 7 Sep. 2016
Hello, I have two splited images from diference matlab files. Now i need to merge them, near to each other. I tried supblot, imadd,cat methods, but nothing works. Please help me.
Result after sublot experiment:

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Thomas Koelen
Thomas Koelen am 11 Mai 2015

Stefan Grandl
Stefan Grandl am 7 Sep. 2016
I know, the question is some months old, but anyway:
Try to use imshowpair with argument 'montage' (see this question How can I display two images at once?). You will need the Image Processing Toolbox for it.
Otherwise try a solution proposed in the link.

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