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Reduce the size of MCR installation

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Nagesh Adluru
Nagesh Adluru on 5 May 2015
Commented: Jan Kappen on 17 Jul 2020 at 12:32
Dear Matlab team,
Could you let me know how to create an MCR installation directory with minimum space. We do not need to use JVM or GUI or CUDA and only use specific toolboxes. Is there a way we can create such a bare minimum directory specific to our application?
Thank you very much for your help! Best, Nagesh


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Dasharath Gulvady
Dasharath Gulvady on 11 May 2015
There is no way to reduce the size of MCR installation. The MATLAB runtime architecture requires all the files included.

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Jan Kappen
Jan Kappen on 17 Jul 2020 at 12:32
The had 1.9 GB. The has 2.6 GB, where are we going to end up with?
This becomes an unacceptable situation. I need to ask my colleagues and customers to download > 2 GB twice a year and unpack it to find an exe... What makes the runtimes that big?

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