How to set LineStyle for matrix plotting?

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András am 5 Mai 2015
Kommentiert: András am 5 Mai 2015
I have a matrix that I would like to plot, but I would like each column to be plotted using a different LineStyle. To do so I set the Axes LineStyleOrder property to the desired value, then I set the NextPlot property to 'replacechildren', but for some reason all columns get the same (the first value in LineStyleOrder) LineStyle. I works well with ColorOrder, but not with LineStyles.
Anyone knows why, or how I should solve my problem?
Thanks in advance!

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Michael Haderlein
Michael Haderlein am 5 Mai 2015
Bearbeitet: Michael Haderlein am 5 Mai 2015
It's not very intuitive, but that's the point (from here):
Axes increments the line style only after using all of the colors in the ColorOrder property .
Plus, you need to set hold all:
set(axes,'LineStyleOrder',{'-','--',':','-.'}') %create axes with respective LineStyleOrder
hold all %Prevent clearing LineStyleOrder
plot(1:3,bsxfun(@plus,rand(3,15),0:14)) %use it
(similar information is given in the help of the axes properties, here)
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András am 5 Mai 2015

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