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How to read a console data

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Bhatu am 22 Apr. 2015
Kommentiert: Bhatu am 22 Apr. 2015
This is regarding to reading output printed on console. could you please inform me the way to implement it through m code.
Thanks & Regards, Bhatu

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell am 22 Apr. 2015
Do you mean the text created by something you run on the command line? Use the system command's second output argument:
>> [status, cmdout] = system('echo "Hello, World"', '-echo')
Hello, World
status =
cmdout =
Hello, World
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Bhatu am 22 Apr. 2015
Yes! It is similar kind of this but what exactly I want is to read run time output generated by "mdfimport" function. I have created an .exe from m code, which is printing data on console window. Data printed on console is not constant it varies for every different input file. I have to read that data & take action appropriately.

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