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Lina R
Lina R am 15 Nov. 2011
When I use shaperead on a file (in this case concord_roads) and ask for the X coordinate, why are the typical content of the array numbers like 2.18*e^5. Doesn't sound like a longitude to me? This is probably a very stupid question, but it's my first time.

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Caleb am 10 Jan. 2013
Try this: s = shaperead('concord_shapes.shp','UseGeoCoords',true)

Jonathan Sullivan
Jonathan Sullivan am 10 Jan. 2013
That sounds like its in Universal Trans Mercator (UTM) coordinates. There are a few utm to geodetic coordinate transforms availible on the file exchange. You can try this one.
You''l need to know the UTM zone. Concord roads is most likely Concord, MA, which would be UTM zone 19T.
Best of luck!


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