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find the inflection point of a curve 3D (set of nodes) in matlab

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How can I determine the inflection point of a set of nodes generating a curve in 3D space?
load curve_1.mat
curve_x = curve_1;
hold on
hold off
grid off
axis equal
Before determining the inflection points, is it possible to make the curve ‘curve_x’ smoother (more like a curve) since the nodes are not placed at a certain distance from each other?

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Matt J
Matt J am 3 Jun. 2024
You can use csaps to fit a smoothing spline to the points and then fnder to differentiate the curve and observe curvature changes.
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Alberto Acri
Alberto Acri am 4 Jun. 2024
Thank you but I could not find a solution. Isn't there a code I can try to use for this case?
Matt J
Matt J am 4 Jun. 2024
Bearbeitet: Matt J am 4 Jun. 2024
There is the curvature() command in this FEX submission, but I have never used it:

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