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Magnitude and phase of the signal using cwt

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Giovanni Pirro
Giovanni Pirro am 27 Mai 2024 um 12:04
Kommentiert: Abhimenyu am 12 Jun. 2024 um 11:05
I have a signal in time that I want to analize in the frequency domain using wavelet transform (to balance time and frequency resolution). When I check the magnitude scalogram that is automatically generated using the function cwt, the value of the magnitude that i read is somehow corresponding to the value I am expecting from the time signal. When I try to extract this values computing abs and angle of the coefficients I get from cwt and compare them with expected magnitude and phase, I see there is some scaling factor. I tried to play with the sampling frequency, and it seems to be dependent also on this, but I could not figure out looking into the documentation how to get rid of this scaling factor.
coefs = cwt(signal, scales, wavelet);
I am taking the magnitude and phase at the freqeuncy where I have the peak, of course, using max(). That's the one I want to extract.
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Abhimenyu am 12 Jun. 2024 um 11:05
It will really help if you could share the full code.

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