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how to remove variables of a table with a zeros in it

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priyam kar
priyam kar am 26 Mai 2024
Kommentiert: priyam kar am 27 Mai 2024
I have a table where few variables contain zeros as well as non zero values in it. I want to remove the variables with even a single zero in it. can anyone help me with that?
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the cyclist
the cyclist am 26 Mai 2024
I realized that there is a nuance here, that I did not consider in my solution.
Is there any chance that any of your variables are logical (i.e. true/false)? If so, do you want to remove that variable if "false" appears? (Both my and @Matt J's solutions will remove a column with "false" in it.)
priyam kar
priyam kar am 27 Mai 2024
The table conatains only numeric values and your solution woked perfectly. Thank you very much.

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the cyclist
the cyclist am 26 Mai 2024
% Example data
x = ["a";"b";"c"];
y = [4;5;6];
z = [0;7;8];
tbl = table(x,y,z);
% Find variables with a zero
hasZero = any(ismissing(tbl,0));
% Make a new table without those variables
tbl2 = tbl(:,not(hasZero))
tbl2 = 3x2 table
x y ___ _ "a" 4 "b" 5 "c" 6

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Matt J
Matt J am 26 Mai 2024
Bearbeitet: Matt J am 26 Mai 2024


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