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Why do I get an "Expected hostname to be nonempty" error when connecting to my NVIDIA Jetson DRIVE Developer Kit?

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I am using an NVIDIA Jetson-series Developer Kit that supports NVIDIA DRIVE, such as the Jetson Orin AGX. I am able to complete the following example without any issues:
After adapting my own code according to the above example, I am no longer able to connect to the board. When I run the "codegen" command, I get the following error:
Expected hostname to be nonempty.
But I know the hostname, username, and password are all correct. The relevant part of my code looks like this:
hwobj = jetson('correctHostname', 'correctUsername', 'correctPassword'); codegen('-codegen', cfg, 'segnet_predict', '-args', {img}, '-report');

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team am 23 Mai 2024 um 0:00
The "jetson" hardware connection function is only compatible with the NVIDIA Jetson platform. When you are targeting the NVIDIA DRIVE platform, you need to use the "drive" hardware connection function instead. The usage of these functions is identical; simply swap in "drive" or "jetson" depending on the desired platform.

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