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passing variable from matlab to python using pyrunfile

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B Janssen
B Janssen am 11 Mai 2024
Kommentiert: B Janssen am 13 Mai 2024
Hi all,
I've been looking to find an answer for the following question;
I have a variable in my workspace that I need to use in a python script, which for some reason is more challenging in than expected. I have been looking around the Mathlab documentation which unfortunately has not been helpfull for me.
Any help to solve this would be greatly appreciated!
Sample code which I simplified for this message.
% Matlab: This is the line that calls using var01, var02 and var03.
apply_cnn_command = pyrunfile (" '" + var01 + var02 + var03+"'")
% In Python I am using the current code:
import sys
import os
import matlab.engine
eng= matlab.engine.start_matlab()
varpy01 = eng.workspace[var01]
% The error message: "Python Error: NameError: name var01 is not defined.

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Pavan Sahith
Pavan Sahith am 12 Mai 2024
Bearbeitet: Pavan Sahith am 12 Mai 2024
Hello Janssen,
It seems you are looking for a way to pass variables from MATLAB to python.
You can refer to the following MATLAB Answers which will give you some guidance
Hope this information will help you in getting started.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 12 Mai 2024
Bearbeitet: Walter Roberson am 12 Mai 2024
apply_cnn_command = pyrunfile (" '" + var01 + var02 + var03+"'")
Do you have some kind of seperators built into var01 var02 var03 so that the parser can break apart the pieces?
I would have expected something closer to
apply_cnn_command = pyrunfile (" '" + var01 + " " + var02 + " " + var03+"'")
B Janssen
B Janssen am 13 Mai 2024
Hi Walter,
Thanks for your response!
I litterally copied your suggestion and adjusted it for my code accordingly (except for the space at the end between "var03" and "+" (both options don't work). From the documentation I understand that the separator needs to be a space?
apply_cnn_command = pyrunfile (" '" + var01 + " " + var02 + " " + var03 +"'")
Anyway, I think that this syntax is correct, since starts up; yet as soon as it calls var01 in PY it crashes. This varialble is a character string describing a path to a folder, but with other variable types (integers and decimals), I have the same problems.
I cannot find any clear information how to present the different variable types to PY, and whether I need to preprocess these variables?

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