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Please tell me save as text file !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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유미 am 9 Mai 2024
I want to change my result to text file. After calculating using the ascii file(change at origin) and fitmelting curves.m, I got the resultant red graph. The black graph is the data I tried to calculate and the result is the red graph. But the red graph is only saved as an image such as png, bmp. I want to change the red graph to a text file!!!! Can you tell me how to do it ? ;(
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Hyun-Gwang Cho
Hyun-Gwang Cho am 9 Mai 2024
이미지 없는데요?
Hyun-Gwang Cho
Hyun-Gwang Cho am 9 Mai 2024
혹시 이미지에서 데이터들 숫자로 뽑아오는걸 원하시는거라면 digitizer 라고 검색을 해보세요 :)

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Mann Baidi
Mann Baidi am 9 Mai 2024
Bearbeitet: Mann Baidi am 9 Mai 2024
If you would like to save the data points of the graph as a text file using MATLAB, you can use the 'writematrix' function.
You can refer to the documentation of 'writematrix' function using the link mentioned below:




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