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how to create mask on matlab 2024a (subsystem)

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Chanane am 7 Mai 2024
Kommentiert: Chanane am 7 Mai 2024 to create mask on matlab 2024a (subsystem) . i have photo from google but , i But I couldn't uopload it. I watched videos on YouTube, but the 2024 version is different from the other versions. I am currently in the process of writing the thesis. I would like a quick answer.(There is an example like the one in the picture I uploaded)

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Pavan Sahith
Pavan Sahith am 7 Mai 2024
Hello Chanane
I see that you're looking to create an image mask for a subsystem in Simulink 2024a. Let's streamline the process for you. Here’s a concise guide to achieve that:
  1. Prepare Your Image: Firstly, download the desired image and ensure it's saved in your current working directory. It's crucial that this directory is on MATLAB's path for easy access.
  2. Create the required Subsystem .
  3. Mask the Subsystem: Right-click on your Subsystem block, navigate to the "Mask" option, and select "Add Icon Image" from the submenu.
  4. Add Your Image: Upon selection, a dialog will pop up offering a "Browse" button. Use this to locate and select your image file. You'll also find options to adjust the image's height, width, and position according to your needs.
You can also refer to the following MathWorks Documentation
Hope this would help you in getting started

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Venkat Siddarth Reddy
Venkat Siddarth Reddy am 7 Mai 2024
Checkout the following R2024a documentation, to mask a subsystem and add an image as icon:
Hope it helps!


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