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How can I solve the error of too many input arguments in fuzzy logic toolbox?

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I'm new here so i don't understand a thing. I was interested in fuzzy logic for food control operations with the help of matlab. I took the help of a decades old book for the program; i'm seeing this and i have no clue
for i = 1:k
CC = [fuzzy(S1(i,:), Qrel(i,:)); fuzzy(S2(i,:), Qrel(i,:)); fuzzy(S3(i,:), Qrel(i,:))];
So=So+CC ;
Error using fuzzy
Too many input arguments.
please help out
*see page 397 in the attached pdf for clarity.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 4 Mai 2024
Currently, in MATLAB, the command fuzzy invokes a fuzzy logic designer.
The actual code on page 397 does not invoke fuzzy: the actual code invokes fuzzyf . The code for the function fuzzyf is given at the bottom of page 399.

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