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when making custom PCB and pcb trace, what is the thickness of the trace?

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I follow this tutorial for making PCB trace and simulating it under different frequencies.
What I fail to find in the documentation and tutorial, is what is the thickness of the trace/GND plane I am making? (In the default microstrip line).
It seems like I can only change the
I tried to run
It gives me:
Unrecognized method, property, or field 'Thickness' for class 'traceLine'.

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Manikanta Aditya
Manikanta Aditya am 3 Mai 2024
Looks like the thickness of the trace (conductor layer) is not directly specified in the RF PCB Toolbox when creating custom traces using traceLine or tracePoint.
The thickness that you can specify is the dielectric thickness using the d.Thickness property, where d is the dielectric object created using dielectric('FR4'). This represents the thickness of the insulating layer between the trace (top conductor) and the ground plane (bottom conductor).
The conductor thickness, while not directly adjustable, affects the electrical characteristics of the PCB trace, such as impedance, loss, and dispersion. These effects are accounted for in the simulation models used by the RF PCB Toolbox.
Hope it helps.
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Vishwanath Iyer
Vishwanath Iyer am 24 Mai 2024 um 16:15
Hi Vasileios,
The toolbox has 2 catalogs, one comprising of specific PCB passives such as transmission line types, couplers, filters, etc. and another for shapes that are commonly found on PCB structures such as bends, tees, rings, radials etc. You can create a custom PCB passive by either starting with one of existing catalog elements or with the shapes we provide. Regarding your question about conductor thickness, this exists on the 'Conductor' property of the PCB passives catalog which accepts a 'metal' object. For example use this sample of code and notice the trace thickness for the microstrip line is available as displayed
m = metal('Copper');
mline = microstripLine(Conductor=m)
Here are some links to the documentation that would be useful:
Hope this helps

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