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Can i use the student license as master of science student?

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As a master of science student, can I use the student license for my master of science degree?
I'll utilize it for my thesis as well as for the publication of two thesis-related research papers.
Thanks :)

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 1 Mai 2024
You can use a MATLAB Student license for any research and publication that is directly required for your degree.
If the two thesis-related research papers are mandatory for your degree, then you can use the Student license for them.
However... It is uncommon for degrees to require publication (other than the final thesis submission itself is usually considered to be "published", usually 5 or 7 copies.) Publication of research papers in journals is usually just recommended -- and if it is only recommended then using the MATLAB student license to publish in the journals is not accepted, with it being considered as self-promotion.
Typically by the time of reseach publications in journals, arrangements have been made with university faculty to get an Academic license; Academic licenses permit publication in journals.
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Hessen am 1 Mai 2024
Bearbeitet: Hessen am 1 Mai 2024
Thanks for your response.
Indeed, I need to do at least one paper for my master's degree. Two case studies were performed for my thesis required the using of open-source software (that software require MATLAB 2016 or newer). As a master's student, I was hoping that student license would be sufficient for that purpose. Finally, I will try to reach Contact-Sales and my university to decide what to do.
Thanks again for your response and your time.

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