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How to use Taylor Series in stateflow?

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Eonyong am 30 Apr. 2024
Kommentiert: Dyuman Joshi am 30 Apr. 2024
I want to use Trigonometric function or Taylor Series in Stateflow, Not Simulink block.
How can I use it like that?
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi am 30 Apr. 2024
If you have the Symbolic Math Toolbox, you can use taylor.

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Manikanta Aditya
Manikanta Aditya am 30 Apr. 2024
In Stateflow, you can use mathematical functions and expressions, including the Taylor series, directly in your state and transition actions.
Here is a general approach you can check:
  • Define your function: You can define your Taylor Series or Trigonometric function in MATLAB and then use it in Stateflow. For example, if you want to use a Taylor Series approximation for the sine function, you could define it in MATLAB as follows:
function y = taylor_sine(x)
y = x - x^3/factorial(3) + x^5/factorial(5) - x^7/factorial(7); % Add more terms as needed
  • Use the function in Stateflow: Once you’ve defined your function in MATLAB, you can use it directly in your Stateflow chart. For example, if you have a state in which you want to calculate the sine of a variable theta using your Taylor Series approximation, you could write the following in the state’s actions:
theta_sine = taylor_sine(theta);
Remember, the Taylor Series is an approximation, and the accuracy increases with the number of terms. If you need high precision, you may need to include more terms in the series.
I hope this helps.

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