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How can I specify the pressure and or the temperature for a specific point in a thermal liquid network ?

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Hello everyone
I was wondering wether using a reservoir (TL) is a good choice or not. Thank you in advance

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Manikanta Aditya
Manikanta Aditya am 29 Apr. 2024
Bearbeitet: Manikanta Aditya am 29 Apr. 2024
I felt that using Pressure and Temparature sensor is also helpful, but yes after little research on your comment on the told point. I feel Reserviour(TL) is a good choice. It acts as a large body of fluid at a specified pressure and temperature. It can supply or absorb fluid as needed to maintain its specified pressure and temperature.
Hope this helps.
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Manikanta Aditya
Manikanta Aditya am 29 Apr. 2024
Some more pointers:
  • In complex thermal liquid networks, it might not be feasible to model every single component. The Reservoir block can represent a large body of fluid, simplifying the model and reducing computational complexity.
  • The Reservoir block can be used to test the response of the system to different pressures and temperatures. By changing the conditions of the Reservoir block, you can observe how the rest of the system reacts, which can be very useful for control and testing purposes.

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