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Implement high frequency resistor in simulink

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Manaswini Gangineni
Manaswini Gangineni am 3 Apr. 2024
Beantwortet: Neelanshu am 16 Apr. 2024
I want to analyse a circuit behaviour and find impedance of a circuit at high frequency. At higher frequencies the real resistor(not ideal) has capacitive and inductive behaviour and capcitor also has resistive and inductive behaviour. Can you please help me implement this in simulink so that I can find the total input impedance of the circuit as a function of frequency.

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Neelanshu am 16 Apr. 2024
Hi Manaswini,
To analyze the circuit and determine the impedance at high frequencies, you can model the real components as combinations of ideal resistors, inductors, and capacitors.
Below is one of the equivalent circuit models that can be used for real resistors (high-value resistors) and capacitors :
Hope this helps.

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