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In a simcape model the error is shown as initial condition failed to converge, nonlinear solver advance time one step failed to converge, residual norm too large.e

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Help me to solve it. have a look at attached file.

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Neelanshu am 10 Apr. 2024
Hi Gupteswar,
I understand that you are looking to debug the following error in your Simulink model:
Nonlinear solver to advance one timestep failed to converge, residual norm too large.
Kindly provide the complete model & files associated with this error. This error is often encountered when a model is too ideal and exhibits sudden transitions, hence, the solver fails to converge. In such cases, the solver performs transient initialization.
I recommend the following changes to help resolve the error:
  1. Reduce the maximum time step to see if a smaller time step helps the simulation converge.
  2. Increase the consistency tolerance in the solver configuration block.
  3. Consider adjusting component parameters such as ‘Open resistance’ or ‘Closed Conductance’ that make the model more realistic and less ideal.
  4. Refine the model Review the model for errors, inconsistencies, or incorrect assumptions. Simplify the model by removing unnecessary components or subsystems.
Kindly refer the following documentations to learn more about troubleshooting simulation errors & transient initialization:
Hope this helps.


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