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Several InstallMat​hWorksServ​icesHost running and using up CPU

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Ali am 25 Mär. 2024
Kommentiert: Ali am 6 Apr. 2024
I am facing a problem with my Matlab Installation where the "InstallMathWorksServicesHost" takes up my CPU even when I close Matlab. I tried uninstalling and installing a newer version of Matlab (2024a) but the problem still persists. Any input is highly appreciated.

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Divyanshu am 4 Apr. 2024
Hi Ali,
Uninstalling MATLAB and re-installing it might not help, instead you need to remove/uninstall MathWorks Service Host and re-installing it might resolve the issue.
You can refer the following MATLAB Answer Thread to get steps to remove and re-install the service host:
Hope it helps!

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